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Cooking terms and definitions

Cooking terms and definitions

Cooking at home is often healthier and cheaper 
than eating out, but sometimes the recipes contain 
terms that can be confusing. This guide lists the most
 common cooking terms and definitions to help you follow a
 recipe and learn new cooking skills! Some terms are 
accompanied by a video showing an example of this
 term; click on the blue terms to watch the video.


To beat is to combine a mixture using a spoon, a fork or a
 kitchen utensil called a whisk, or using an electric mixer. 
The important thing to remember is to mix all the ingredients 
until the mixture is smooth. Mixing by hand can be tiring. 
Try to use a quick circular motion with your wrist, not your arm.

Faire bouillir, c'est chauffer un liquide (généralement de l'eau) 
jusqu'à ce que de nombreuses bulles apparaissent à la surface.
 Une ébullition rapide est lorsque les bulles apparaissent très rapidement.

Brushing is applying something like a marinade or melted butter
 to a food. For example, to add a buttery flavor to the fish, you can 
use a kitchen utensil (brush) and apply a layer of melted butter
 before cooking.

When a recipe calls for a fruit to be "hollowed out", it means
 removing the center - or "core" of the fruit, which often has
 seeds or a pit. For example, "petting" an apple means
 removing and discarding the center and the seeds.


To drizzle is to lightly sprinkle a liquid such as melted butter or sauce on top of a food.

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