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Sport and physical activity, health benefits

Sport and physical activity, health benefits

Today, people spend far too much of their time "sitting" at the office, driving their car or in front of the television. The gestures of everyday life are limited to pressing a button to access progress. Discover why it is essential to practice a physical activity and / or sport regularly.

Move? What for ?

"Sport is good for health" How much have we heard this sentence since our earliest childhood?

We all remember this principle, but unfortunately we still have too little to apply it, so here's a little reminder about the benefits of sport on health.

Did you know that regular physical activity reduces mortality, ?

prevents the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, breast and colon cancer, that it determines the muscular function, that it contributes to the good functioning of the brain, that it allows the maintenance of the bone capital! Sport is an excellent balancing factor in mental health, a marvelous anxiolytic, it helps to prevent or ameliorate depression and it contributes to well-being and quality of life.

Physical activity or sport, what differences?
According to WHO, sports activity is a "subset of physical, specialized and organized activity". By physical activity, Inserm means sport, activity at home, at work, on public transport or leisure courses.

A moderate physical activity of 30 minutes, at a rate of 5 times a week, or a high-intensity physical activity supervised by a fitness program, 3 times a week, produces a health benefit, for the elderly. people from 18 to 65 years old.

Sport and self-respect

The vast majority of people first play sports for health and aesthetic reasons. But beyond physical well-being, sport also brings a real mental strength. 73% of people say that playing a sport makes them emotionally stronger. A point on which all the champions agree, even more when the sport activity is practiced at a high level.

Sport also helps to set goals, to impose a certain rigor and to forge a mind of steel through the self-confidence that is acquired. The practice of a sport activity teaches to show much more will and determination, so that, for example, the athlete no longer apprehends a professional reconversion as a test, but as a challenge.

The sport yes, but not no matter how!

Regular physical activity at home or in a gym is absolutely beneficial to your health. Numerous studies have shown this in recent years.

No matter how old you start practicing a sport, you benefit from muscle, osteo-articular, respiratory and cardiovascular benefits. However, cardiac accidents such as infarction or the sudden death of the athlete affect several hundred French each year during sports practice.

Very often, the accident was preceded by warning signs that should have led to the completion of a medical checkup. To make no mistake follow the 10 rules of conduct that the Club of Cardiologists of Sport recommends you follow so that sport and health continues to rhyme with Well-being.

Need a coach to get fit?

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