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All that nails reveal about our health

All that nails reveal about our health

Nails can also give us valuable information about how our body is doing. Discover the symptoms to consider.

To know if we are in good shape, we tend to look at his face, his tongue or his eyes, but rarely his nails. Yet they, too, can give us some indication of our state of health. As the American Health website states, having strong nails is not only practical for your manicure. Here is a list of symptoms that should not be underestimated.

Yellow nails

- This problem is often related to age or the excessive use of polish. If you often have yellow nails, try to take a break between two manicures and wait for them to regain their original appearance.
- Another cause of yellowing may be smoking because nicotine leaves stains on the nails.

Brittle, dry or cracked nails

The causes of a weakening of the nails are very varied. You may suffer from dryness related to swimming, dishwashing without gloves, use of toxic cleaning products, age or just a humid environment.

Give them a beauty treatment by moisturizing them with a lotion or a cream. Like your skin, they can absorb these products and benefit from them. If this symptom persists, talk to your doctor, as it may hide hypothyroidism.

Inflated or concave nails

When the appearance of your nails changes significantly and they take a rounded shape or, on the contrary, concave, consult a doctor. These changes could indicate liver and kidney problems, or anemia.

Spotted nails

The small white spots on the nails have long been associated with a lack of calcium. Today, specialists know that this is not the case, says the website Health. These spots are usually caused by light shocks and do not indicate any serious problem.

Striped nails

Horizontal scratches on the nails can be the result of a shock, a medication, or an illness. The body is so busy defending itself that there is no energy left for nail regrowth. Vertical stripes, they are quite natural. Like the wrinkles on your face, they indicate that the years pass ...

Dark or painful nails

If you notice a change in the color of your nails or painful regrowth when you have not experienced any shock at this point, consult a doctor immediately. A melanoma can cause the appearance of black bands or lines, so do not take this symptom lightly.

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